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    oh my omg

    bringing this back again 

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    Everything about Cody > His eyes and his lips.

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    NBA Playoffs:Conf Semifinals.
    I Promise guise that tomorrow i'll post the news about the NBA,meantime check all of the videos&games on here!!
    LA Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets Playoffs[5/4/12]We didn't win this one but we still lead this series...GO LAKERS!(:

    As some of you know,the NBA playoffs has already started!I was waiting soooo patiently for them&finally they’re here.(more info on just wanted to wish the whole world’s luck to my favorite team…LA LAKERS,cause they’re playing a match vs. the Denver Nuggets at 10:30pm(ET).We won the last time vs.the Denver Nuggets (LAL-104;DEN-100)and i WANT my team to win this one too.Today,playing the playoffs,are also the Chicago Bulls vs. the Philadelphia 76ers(8pm ET)& the Atlanta Hawks vs. the Boston Celtics(7:30pm ET).Since the Lakers were for the 16th time NBA Champions,it would be a dream come true if we win this year too,so…GO LAKERS!!!!
    All the NBA teams:
    -Los Angeles Clippers
    -Los Angeles Lakers
    -Chicago Bulls
    -Sacramento Kings
    -Boston Celtics
    -Utah Jazz
    -San Antonio Spurs
    -Golden State Warriors
    -Toronto Raptors
    -Miami Heats
    -Memphis Grizzlies
    -Indiana Pacers
    -Philadelphia 76ers
    -Minnesota Timberwolves
    -Portland Trail Blazers
    -New York Knicks
    -New Jersey Nets
    -Detroit Pristons
    -Denver Nuggets
    -Orlando Magic
    -Washington Wizards
    -Phoenix Suns
    -Dallas Mavericks
    -New Orleans Hornets
    -Oklahoma City Thunder
    -Atlanta Hawks
    -Milwaukee Bucks
    -Cleveland Cavaliers
    -Charlotte Bobcats
    -Houston Rockets
    Which player&team is your favourite?Cause the Lakers team but especially THIS man,stole my heart…

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    And America’s Best Dance Crew is…

    Don’t know you guys,but i’m totally obsessed with the MTV’s show “Randy Jackson Presents ABDC”.We’re already at season 7,yeah ALREADY it seems like yesterday the JabbaWockeeZ were the winners of the 1st season&now?And now SEASON 7 COME AT ME BRO!I gotta admit:THEY’RE ALL AMAZING DANCERS,but there’s this ONE&ONLY crew that definitely stole my heart…the Beat Freaks!Since i remember they were the finalists of the 3rd season of ABDC,fighting for the Trophy against the Quest Crew.Unfortunately,my girls didn’t get much votes to win,but they sill kept on dancing,for example in Justin Bieber’s Music Video to “Somebody To Love”.Sincerely,i don’t care if they won or not,these girls changed my life!I absolutely think that if you love dancing as much as i do,you MUST watch this show.&believe me,you won’t be lying on your couch while watching it,it’s hard not to get up&dance during this show!
    Winners of the previous seasons of ABDC:
    2:Super Cr3w
    3:Quest Crew
    4:We Are Heroes
    6:I aM mE

    Now we just gotta wait for this season’s winners.Which crew is your favourite?You already know mine…(:


    Check this out!A BFF Thing(:New link.^.^
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